Like The Corals In The Ocean, We Unite In Harmony

I may not have come from an ultra-elite school, but by relative standard, this is one of those in my town.

I am utterly grateful till today for all the empowerment given by my teachers to be a student leader, to read extra subjects and allowing me to contribute back as an alumni which I am all happy to do after everything the school had ever done for me. I also truly treasure the relationship fostered with my schoolmates from all levels along the way in secondary school.

Our one and only homecoming had brought us together to say farewell before our school gets amalgamated. Thus, bearing a new name.

Thank you everyone for the blissful memories! The presentation of this alumni award is a testament how much my alma mater hold dear to me, and definitely must be shared with all of you! It's no Nobel, but you can always ride on my joy!