Making Whole Oneself

The year is coming to an end and it is this time of the year I am starting to get busy! I am very grateful for friends who have been following this space even when there were no personal update because I know that you care. Even if you are here to check out the latest cool events happening, I am flattered still. Very sweet indeed!

I have been busy aligning myself, fulfilling priorities and invitations that sitting in front of my Mac for hours to share with you all the deets is not something I could spare. It is not like how I used to be able to sit in for hours doctoring photographs just to make sure it is in the perfect angle, and read for flaws that you are probably oblivious to than I am.

Lately, I have enjoying pouring myself in sweat in the gym and outdoors. Staying indoors for too long is bad and I still have loads of sunblock which will be expiring late next year so I might as well slather it on and enjoy the sun. Let's hope for a better schedule to pick up a sport next year! Honestly, leaving my school dragon boat team was something I had to do. Otherwise, I would not be able to mouth whatever that is on my plate now. Although I was not physically strong as compared to others, I enjoyed the training. The satisfaction was beyond words and the few good friends I made along the way makes the journey a memorable one.

If you guys tend to feel lethargic, you should start cycling or running at the park or something. It feels so amazing! The fresh air will make you feel more energized. My neighbour thought I was crazy to run in the afternoon but I told him I just needed to get some sun and freshly produced oxygen.

Last weekend was FM League and it was inspirational. It was my first physique and bodybuilding event and I would like to thank the organizers for the wonderful invitation. I am also grateful to be back in town the day before, giving myself ample time to rest!

I never thought one would sweat during the competition! I was truly surprised to see the sheer effort (and sweat) put in to pose and squeeze their muscles out to show how defined and well built they are to the judges. Maybe some of you had the same misconception as I did! Looking through some of their profiles measuring macros and carbs in their diet says a lot about discipline and determination.

Most of us like yours truly could learn from this, really.

Better yet, the contestants were not all young. One can never be too old to achieve their goals!

Stay tuned as I will be sharing about my recent humanitarian trip in China and the array of projects I am working on. 😄