Atmosphere 360 at Menara KL - Feast In Sight and Asian Gastronomy

Seen all of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur from the top of Menara KL! Menara derived from Arabic - minaret that means lighthouse. Symbolizes the beacon of hope and aspiration for the many. Hence, becoming a common first name for most buildings at the heart of Malaysia.

After all these times I had visited Kuala Lumpur, this was my first time setting foot on KL Tower, popularly known as Menara KL - one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world. The muqarnas inspired crystal domes at the entrance look so majestic and somewhat spiritually cleansing.

I had high tea at Atmosphere 360. It is a revolving restaurant, and it was my first time dining on one! Effortless viewing honestly. The only time I had to walk was to take food from the buffet that serves an array of Malaysian delicacies. After which, you are free to go back down to the observation deck if you still have not gotten enough of the view.

Enjoying good food with a panoramic view from the top never gets old. 😍