Career Guidance Day 2018 at PRPS as an Alumni - Follow Up For You From Me

Hi everyone! I am excited to share with you guys that I was recently invited by my primary school to share about one of my careers with the graduating class of 2018. Our age gap while immense did not hamper our communication because what I shared was something very close to heart and at the tip of their fingertips. Anyway, addressing this as a follow up to all of you who were there, and partly a reminder to myself that in today's modern world and ever-changing times, it is imperative that we keep ourselves up to date. The knowledge we know today will be history tomorrow and it does not matter whether you are a social media person whose job is 24/7 on the internet, or accountants and tellers who never thought their job would be replaced by binary codes and machines.

It will not be easy that is for sure. No job ever is. A career as a blogger (sometimes labelled influencer although I may not agree with this) is not as easy by sitting by the pool with a glass of tea. This very blog was the main platform where I rose in the blogging arena. As this slowly fade away, industry players like myself now move to other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat not only because of the outreach but the convenience for viewers like you and creators like me.

Also, blogging does not mean you cannot have another career. I spoke to one of the participants this morning and she had this perception that one should be a blogger to be a blogger. Sometimes, it is because of your illustrious career in an industry that allows you to be an excellent blog writer. It makes you stand out even more.

Remember that morning about what I said that, you could be a scientist, a doctor or a politician for that matter. That should not stop you from sharing your thoughts, opinions, expertise because, in the world wide web, there could be some people out there whom could be intrigued by your posts. Of course, it has to be coherent, salient and consistent. Just imagine how would you have felt if you are busy reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid then you turn to the next page and it is all about Geronimo's Stilton Cyberthief Showdown? Awkward right? You would probably cringe! 😂

At a point when you are matured enough in your social media skills - be it writing, editing videos and photographs, social skills, remember that they are sent through divine intervention. Honestly, not everybody will have similar skills and patience. That is the beauty of it. You may not possess a skill other people might have, vice versa. As such, be agents of the universe by doing good through social services. I feel elated and utterly blessed that through this avenue, I was actually able to expand this business in several ways like being a host at private and public events alike, help my friends promote their business(es) and other social causes.

I am glad to have started this in my early teenage years. Other legit and renowned bloggers would agree with me on this - after having done this for more than 10 years, this avenue has helped me a lot in good and bad times. Be it when the economy is not doing well or when I am emotionally low (I am only human!), it has served as a punching bag that no one could take.

While the career topic about me revolves around a career in blogging. This applies to any other job in any industry. Your parents (probably of my age?) would probably agree too. At no point giving you all these speeches saying I am the best blogger in town, but as a Pasirian, our motto should always Be Our Best - in any path you take, and that is how it should be delivered.

All the best for your final exam and remember, while our scores and grades should not, do not and never mattered, it shows a lot about our focus!