Happy Holidays 2018!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season as much as I am. I was away for a personal retreat, shared great news with some good friends and close relatives, and I am very hopeful on what is to come for 2019. I have been on social media hiatus for more than two weeks (that is like two decades in the digital world! 😂) Yet, I do my homework of catching up just so that I would not be ignorant of your lovely posts. Truly, I am very happy some of you are having a blast this holiday season!

2018 has been a challenging year I will not deny. Without your support and thoughtful prayers, I am not sure if I would be able to hurdle through this year on my own. With well wishes from good friends and relatives, I am more geared up now and am more optimistic about what is to come.

2019 will not be without challenges but as always, I seek your well wishes and resolute support!

It is a little disappointing that I am not able to celebrate New Year's Eve abroad this year but it is more special than mega fireworks and picturesque holiday photos. Just for this year I hope! I would still love to travel each year end, not only to immerse myself in the holiday season overseas and get cultured, but also brush up my photography and writing skills.

I am of course hopeful to have more New Year's Eve trip in the future, as always!

With this, I wish you happy holidays and have a wonderful 2019!