Perth 2018 - Kings Park

It was funny because each day when I was in Perth, every night I told myself,

'Let's go running. Enjoy the scenery, the sun and clear skies, and cold breezy air,'

When the following morning came, I turned and pulled in the sheets and whispered in my head,

'What the heck,'

The cold weather just makes you want to stay in and snuggle in your own bed longer! It is ironic because back here in the sunny, forever-summer island, we are unmotivated to move because of the heat. Any exercise outside would drench us in sweat and probably more exhausted from the heat than the workout.

Then we tell ourselves, if only the weather is cold, it would be more motivating to get into our running gear and sweat all the calories we have consumed. Cold weather just makes you want to sit in, eat soupy food and have hot tea.

If you have the energy, and if the weather is right you should by all means actually get into your running gear and I highly recommend running up to Kings Park. As I slept late the night before anyway, the idea of getting in a car sounds more appealing. It was less than ten minutes drive!

Kings Park is beautiful. Many colourful flowers, and visitors would just perch by the hillside cafes to enjoy the skyline and have a cup of coffee. You cannot afford that at all here because of the humidity. There, it would be hard to shy away from the sun because it was breezy. Just remember to slap on some sunblock! From the top, you get the see the Perth city skyline and it looks as majestic, and glitzy at night.

Kings Park also houses a war memorial erected in honor of all Australian soldiers whose remains are buried elsewhere.

Be sure to bring a bottle of water. The hike to Kings Park may be challenging to some and the weather can be quite dry. Other than that, it is a view worth the trip!