The First One-Man Reprise of A Christmas Carol From London Live in Singapore

Recently, I went to an eatery for a meal I was appalled by the subnormal quantity served to me. It was from a regular food stall and I was charged with pretty low price. I am not complaining if someone wants to charge me low for food but it was not something to be delighted about when you are hungry. I thought I would get at least a decent portion at decent price. Heck, no.

Giving someone with big appetite a small portion is risking the loyalty of a good patron. Had we wanted to have splendour as lunch, we would have gone somewhere more atas already.

I went on to tell this story to a friend and she said, 'Why did't you just ask for more?'

'I am not going back to feel like Oliver Twist and be the boy who asked for more!'

She laughed. I laughed, and we ate.

Speaking of Charles Dicken's work, his name appeared in my e-mail today and it was good.

Brought to Singapore all the way from the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, British Theatre Playhouse and The British Club jointly presents the first one-man reprise of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to ring in the festive mood this coming Christmas!

Familiar to most, the timeless tale tells the story of the Scrooge and his rude awakening from his encounters with the spirits of his past, present and future. The play prompts a critique of greed and isolation, all whilst celebrating the spirit of Christmas and thanksgiving - a perfect treat for the young and old.

The play will be brought to life by acclaimed British stage, television and film actor Clive Francis, whose exclusive one-man presentation of this epic tale has seen to a roaring sold-out success in the UK since the beginning of its tour in 2015.

A Christmas Carol will be held at the Elizabeth Suite of The British Club from 13 to 15 December. Tickets are now on sale, with a 10% early bird discount available till the end of October.

To all my friends celebrating Christmas, and in search of gleeful festive mood - which I must say a mood that is hard bask in these days because of our busy schedule and intolerable weather, here is the one event you could attend!

To find out more about A Christmas Carol by British Theatre Playhouse, log on to

See you there!

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