The Last Day in Bangkok

Night flights are as amazing. During the day, looking out from the window is wonderful as you get to see the clouds and if you are lucky enough, you would be thrilled by passing planes. Sometimes, it makes you wonder what islands are below and your whereabouts.

You are deprived of that at night but with Singapore Airline's new entertainment system, watching movies in the dark is a treat to the eyes. The old in-flight entertainment is downright annoying where you had to press buttons which sometimes does not work. The worst is to have found the latest movie at a terrible resolution and uneven brightness coming off the screen. For once, there is something to keep me occupied on a night flight.

All these while, I have never used the in-flight entertainment system. Now, there is a reason why.

Commendable in that aspect.

Sure, now we could opt for a paid Wi-Fi connection but why could I not connect my Bluetooth headphone to the system. Must I really use the earpiece without bass? Everyone is using AirPods and wireless now. We are not serving The Flinstones, are we? 😆

People from the in-flight entertainment industry should do something about it.