The Third Day in Bangkok - Tips for Chatuchak Weekend Market

Shopping in Bangkok is never complete without a trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market. As the name suggests, the market is only available on weekends. Nothing much has changed since the fire that happened a few months ago. There are changes in prices, however. For a market, they were pretty much uptight on the prices.

The items are tagged with clear prices - which makes it hard to haggle. Some retailers there are not in the haggling business anymore I guess. Granted, there could be too many customers to entertain. That probably explains.

On the downside, you will not taste the joy of winning a bargain - after all, haggling in a market is the one place where we learn the basics of negotiation in hoping for a win-win outcome. If you are going to exemplify those skills to your children as part of their experiential learning, you may kiss sayonara to that. There are other markets you may go or that. Chatuchak is no longer it.

On the upside my friends, if you do not have a thick face, it saves you the trouble finding out what is their opening price. Saves you big time and big money from pity purchases.

No matter, I would still recommend Chatuchak Weekend Market because everything is under one roof. This is what no other market in Bangkok could offer. You would probably buy things you thought you did not need or want - especially souvenirs.

I was particularly sold and attracted by their crockery and kitchenware section. Their items are pretty and minimalist just as how I like it. I would buy them there when the time calls for it.

If there were to be any tips for your trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market:

  1. Just bring an extra luggage if you are planning to go to Bangkok. Whether or not you intend to shop. The only regret I had the first time I went there was not bringing extra luggage
  2. Sleep early the day before. Rest well because shopping at Chatuchak is an exercise. You could clear your FitBit target in one day. So many lorong (aisles), so little time.
  3. I do not think anyone needs a whole day spent there but I would not make other plans after. You will be beaten from the heat and carrying your shopping loots around. With all the barang-barang (things), do you think you would want to go elsewhere after?
  4. Wear simple and thin. It would be torrid. You be either combust into flames or get easily irritable. You also may want to try the clothes by wearing them over. Shops are so small they do not have changing rooms.
  5. Bring that luggage to the market. Not even that ‘makcik keropok’ or ‘Balenciaga bazar’ style bag unless you are a weightlifter aiming for pyramid sets or in simple terms, lug it around the market. Even so, I do not think it would ergonomic to carry it around. With luggage filled or not, it is way easier to roll it around.
  6. Bring lots of cash. The one thing they don’t sell cheap nor easily available at the market is cash and money changer. The market is so huge I do not think anyone wants to make a double trip.
  7. If you ever need to do number two, God forbid you won't, the washrooms at not popular areas like books section are way cleaner. Don't bother breathing in toilets in hot areas. Having said that, the book galore there is not so dated. They even have printed magazines from this year in case you need them for research.
  8. Based on local tips, Sundays are more happening.
  9. Most of the good bargains are in the secluded parts of the market. Do not be mistaken. Shops in secluded parts of the market does not mean their items sold are lacklustre. I have seen trash sold along the hot areas at convenience price.
  10. Carry your bag of essentials in front to avoid being a victim of pickpocket. 
Enjoy Chatuchak. 🙏