LG CordZeroT A9 Handstick Vacuums Offer Cordless Freedom with Longer Run Time and Versatile Usage

LG Electronics (LG) has launched two new CordZeroTM A9 handstick vacuum cleaners: A9ULTIMATE and A9PETNBED. The cordless solutions are ideal for users who require the flexibility to take their cleaning indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Cleaning becomes more convenient with the handstick vacuums’ ergonomic design, and two interchangeable batteries for longer usage. Depending on the user’s needs, each vacuum model comes with selected attachments that cater to specific cleaning requirements.

A Two-in-One Solution with the A9ULTIMATE’s Power Drive Mop™ Feature
Unique to the A9ULTIMATE model is its ability to vacuum and mop at the same time. Homeowners can reduce their cleaning time by half as they no longer have to prep and store two separate devices. Both functions can now be set up, operated and then kept together, making the cleaning process fuss-free!

The A9ULTIMATE mop design features an automatic water supply system and two 360-degree rotatable mop pads. Users can set the water supply settings to control the amount of water supplied to the rotating pads, and an electric pump automatically supplies water from the reservoir to continuously keep the mop pads damp. Users are offered two types of mop pads with this model, one for general cleaning and the other for stubborn stains.

Convenience and Usability for a Comfortable Cleaning Experience
Helping homeowners to complete the cleaning process efficiently is the DUAL PowerPackTM feature. Both A9 models include two rechargeable and interchangeable lithium-ion batteries for longer running time. Simply eject the battery for a quick swap, slip in the new battery and enjoy up to 80 minutes of total run time . Clean the house in a single session without having to wait around while charging the batteries again!

While cleaning, homeowners can have easy control over vacuuming options and select different cleaning functions through the OneTouchControlTM feature. The telescopic pipe design also lets users adjust the length to their preferred height for added versatility, and the Opti-balanced HandleTM offers a comfortable grip. To empty the dust bin after cleaning, just press the button on the side of the canister to release the lid.