Carousell Rallies the Community to #ChooseToGive

It was just a few weeks ago I mentioned something over a chat.

Adversities bring the best or the worst out of us and it is on us to show which are we.

The government has just announced one of its biggest budgets, including billions of dollars in support packages to help Singaporeans cope with the economic impact of COVID-19. More companies have also been donating sums in the fight against COVID-19. But what of the emotional toll it has taken on Singaporeans?

We’ve seen fear and panic manifest in Singapore and in the region, through chaotic panic-buying and selfish hoarding. In difficult times, more than having corporates and the government step in to assist, it’s especially important for individuals to keep spirits high by reminding each other that every act of kindness can make a difference.

In order to ignite a ground-up swell of positive sentiment, Carousell has started a movement to inspire Singaporeans to #ChooseToGive. The initiative urges the community to #ChooseToGive freely instead of hoarding by highlighting moving stories of other Singaporeans who have gone the extra mile.

Much love from Carousell! 💕