Appreciating Singapore Skyline through Night Cycling

Night cycling is one of my hobbies as a way to sweat out those calories and enjoy the banner park connectors. Cycling is nice during day time but at night, it is serene as there is less traffic and the park is less crowded.

As I rarely frequent the city area, night cycling is an opportune time to do so.. The Singapore skyline never gets old!

Here are some pointers before you go for night cycling:

  1. Just like your car, remember to check the bicycle essentials are working - brakes are working, chain well greased and tyres are pumped and not worn out.
  2. Helmets and working bicycle light is always courteous and gives you some sporty aesthetic. Quality and affordable helmets and lightings can be bought at Decathlon. Decathlon is godsent.
  3. Adjust the seats and make sure it is comfortable especially for those who are going for the miles. The last thing you want is to disembark from the bicycle and have your groins burning in pain.
  4. Bring some cash as some shops may be open and you might want to stop over for a snack or replenish yourself. There are many places but PS.Cafe East Coast Park could be on your list for a chic and relaxing vibe.
  5. Jackie Mosquito Repellent Spray is handy if you are going to make a long pit-stop as mosquitoes are on a hunt for supper at night.
  6. Guardian's Antibacterial Wet Wipes are always useful. My bicycle chain was displaced uphill and I had to amend it with my bare hands. Kinda forgot how to change gears while cycling upslope and my hands got all greasy as a result! Those wet wipes came to the rescue.
  7. Be mindful and respectful to drivers on the road. There are already so many blind spots a driver has to look out for and do not hog the road! The Singapore Road Safety Council has a comprehensive advisory on cyclists' road safety.

What else did I miss on?