Gearing Down Towards The End of 2021

It was such a busy year for all of us. If not our schedule, some of us are turning erratic with all the changes in the midst of going through the Stabilisation Phase.

Hang in there while we get through this together! Some of you may have lost your loved ones, I know those who have even before the vaccines were out. I believe things happen for a reason, if not today, it would be another day. If not for an ailment, it would have been for something else.

The struggle is real; mentally, physically and financially, and you are not alone.

In times like this, slow down if you have to.

Now that we are coming towards the end of the year, let us take a breather. There is some hope as more borders are opening soon. Flight prices are going through the roof. Just when you thought this is already stressful, it would be more stressful to see those who are flying away while here you are missing out on everything!

Imagine the stress having to queue up in front of the Singapore Airlines office! 

The cycle would go on if you are not mentally resilient.

Beef up. See you!