Enjoy Cocktails without Alcohol with Lyre's Spirit

The lyrebird is an Australian bird that is best known to mimic the sound of its surrounding.

Its ability is apparent in Lyre's, an up and coming non-alcoholic brand in this region. Since 2019, Lyre's aims to integrally serve those who seek alternatives to have a cool and funky cocktail without alcohol.

All of their spirits are made of the essence of plants that bring about the taste mimicking an alcoholic spirit. This time, you don't have to worry about getting drunk.

This would be ethical for those who drink and drive, without the possibility of getting drunk. What's more, those who are health conscious or those in sobriety but still wish to mingle with their friends who drink may still do so.

Drinking a cocktail is an art (little did I know), and yes, being a mixologist is a thing. It would be a cardinal sin to any-o-how mix it like a cordial. There are measurements to follow and when it says experience, it engages all your senses through its presentation, smell and taste.

Then, why would you order a soda or cranberry juice while others are going through the experiential ritual, that includes flipping through the menu, reading its descriptions whereas you, the outlier flip right through non-alcoholic beverages and decide to just make do with a juice? Worse in a bar best known for its signature cocktail?

Lyre's as it mimics the flavour of alcoholic spirits also mimics the clockwork process of preparing a cocktail where the non-alcoholic alternatives are available, without having to think further on how to make a cocktail non-alcoholic. With Lyre's on the shelves, it would be ultimately handy to reach for the non-alcoholic absinthe without having to scour for a substitute. That way, there is no need to come out with a separate mocktail menu. With the same menu, one could choose the same cocktail with a concoction of non-alcohol spirit.

Let's face it, in a world of advent postings in social media, we are not going to post a glass of juice that does not do justice to a beautiful bar.

Lyre's 14 (and counting) premium non-alcoholic spirits are capable of crafting 90% of the world's best selling cocktails. This takes non-alcoholic gastronomy to a whole new level as some food pairs well with a glass of cocktail. On some occasions, alcoholic ones just won't do if you have an early morning the next day.

What I like best is, enjoying this amazing non-alcoholic cocktail need not be a chore if you are on the run on a busy day, but would like to quench your thirst with something zesty and flavourful. Say, you just want a soda but want something a little dandy and handy, they have a collection of ready-to-drink cocktails in a can namely Amalfi Spirits, G&T and Classico.

My personal favourite? G&T. I think the colour and taste fits and I am sold by that.

In case you are wondering if this is some kucing kurap (col. inferior) brand, its Amalfi Spiritz, which I like too is an award-winning product. Amazing as it was awarded Gold Medal in the 2021 International Spirits Challenge within the No & Low which competed with 721 other products entered.

Lyre's itself is backed by champions of unicorns like D Squared Capital (think Airbnb), Morgan Creek Capital Management (think Grab) and Maropost Ventures (think SpaceX), just to name a few.

Now with Lyre's around, those who are underage wouldn't have to try to look 18 to buy something cool and thrilling because they are non-alcoholic. Although, it would be questionable what would you be doing at a drink section that targets adults. 😝

At Lyre's tasting event too, I just found out that there is a difference between zero-alcohol and non-alcohol, albeit the term tends to be used interchangeably. Lyre's product does not use alcohol at all, different from other brands that stripped the existing alcohol resulting in traces of alcohol in it. With Lyre's spirits, you do not have to worry a tad about having traces of alcohol.

The good news is, even atas (col. elegant) restaurants carry them. Nobu Restaurants, Bvlgari and Ritz Carlton hotels and airlines have them. For some homes, keeping and consuming alcohol at home is a no-no. As such, one may choose to keep a stock of these babies. If you have guests who are in for a tantalized taste bud and quenched thirst, this is a to-go product.

Better yet, at least now, you can be sure to experience a real cocktail without having your friends hold on to your hair while you belch or get wasted then annoy them. For some of course, will be spared from the Asian flush.

Lyre's can be purchased at select Cold Storage outlets, and on Lyre's e-commerce website. The Lyre’s ready-to-drink cocktails are available by the can or in a pack of four by flavour at Cold Storage Great World, Cold Storage Kallang Leisure Park and Cold Storage Plaza Singapura. They also can be purchased through Lyre's Singapore’s e-commerce platform in a mixed carton of 12 with four cans of each flavour or in a case of 24 cans by flavour.

 Pink London Spirit launches in 2022. Stay tuned.