Summer in South Korea - Shivering at Manjanggul Lava Tube

Manjanggul Lava Tube is geological marvel. Simply said, it was the longkang for lava back in its prime bursting out fire like dragons. What makes Manjanggul's lava tube captivating is the lava pillar that was formed; making it a rare characteristic of a lava tube.

Geography lesson aside, a walk in the tube need some considerations.

First and foremost, unless your are a bear that could bear low temperatures, bring and wear your sweater because the temperature down there is about 11 degrees Celsius and I went there during summer. Yet, I can't help but shiver in coldness.

Secondly, the lava tube ground is wet (not muddy, I thought it was), so wearing aqua shoes or bringing a spare shoe is prudent in case you stepped on a deep puddle. Do not wear slippers or flip flops. The cave is dim with lightings focused on signature areas. No matter, the ground is raw and uneven and you might take a misstep and trip yourself. Falling on a hard rock in the dark is no only unglamorous but the pain can surely be excruciating.

Importantly, I had been briefed about the above but nobody told me this - remember to clear your bladder before going in. This was not written on their pamphlets and nobody wrote this on any trip reviews website! I was holding on tight while on the way out. I can't possible run too because of the puddles uneven surfaces.

It was a good exercise overall because in the cold and dark lava tube, I did not break a sweat. Not to say the walk was easy but I did make a lot of pitstop for photos because I am a geography geek and dig all these things. That explains why I took up pure Geography back in my secondary school days.

Manjanggul Lava Tube is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage attributed by its rare lava pillar. Guess what, when I first came I did not even know what was the objective being in the tunnel. The end point was the lava pillar. Then I realise how much earth there was above that me when I was in that lava tube. Yikes!