Summer in South Korea - Hiking Seongsan Ilchulbong

Managed to hike Seongsan Ilchibong. The climb was difficult but the view was amazing. I was there when the trail was about to close so it was pretty much a quick leg day routine by going up hundreds of steps to the peak. At Jeju Island, you ought to tone down on the expectations of covering many places in a day as most attractions closes as early at 4pm. 

Being at the peak makes me appreciate nature and Seongsan Ilchibong's becoming. Most documentaries that I had watched would comment on how scenic views did not come from something beautiful. Say, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake or a huge flood are the ones that form mountains, shape rivers and balance weather patterns.

I guess same goes in our life, it is always work in progress and without some disasters in life, nothing beautiful comes out of it! 😘