Summer in South Korea - Innisfree Jeju House

Jeju Island is known for Innisfree as the brand claims to harness the power of Jeju's nature like its volcanis ash, springwater and plants. It would be astonishing for any first-timer in Jeju to not visit Innisfree, just to have a look.

Innisfree Jeju House is located at Seowigpo side of Jeju Island, adjacent to is located alongside the O'sulloc Tea Museum (which I did not go to because it was too crowded). 

The house has two wings. One wing houses all its products for sale, which is by far cheaper than what is here for the obvious reason; it is made and originated in Korea less all the import fees. The other wing is more experiential with cafe and some booth for kids to draw and take home as a memento. 

Outside, you can also take some nice photos at the tea plantation and surroundings featuring minimalist stone finishings - an appreciation towards Jeju's nature and volcanic history. If you are a fan of Innisfree like myself who likes to use its sheet mask, then it should be in your itinerary as they have some exclusives there.

Apparently, I don't have many photos here because I was tad too busy sampling everything and being undecided on what to get considering limited baggage weight.