Summer in South Korea - Doux Foret

Enjoy the sea view and breeze at Doux Foret cafe. The cafe features a glass house building with 360 degrees view of the Hallasan Mountain and the sea. You have the option to have al fresco style or indoor dining.

Since there was a lot of wind and I do not want to have to coffee turn cold quickly, I took it inside. You can also indulge in the different types of croissants with different toppings and fillings. Great if you are done for the day and would like to enjoy the sunset and catch up with your loved ones. If you get to the roof, you get to see the majestic and towering Hallasan Mountain and occasionally see flights taking off. What a scenic view!

I just can't get enough of selfies. Which is why I stop uploading too many photos on Instagram to stop annoying my friends.