Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai by Subway and Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech, a venture-backed, award-winning, Singapore-based carbohydrates and sugar reduction food technology company is proud to announce its expansion into sugar reduction solutions, which is now used in Subway’s most popular cookie island-wide. Launched across Singapore in February 2023, this new “born in Singapore” cookie is aptly named ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai’. ‘Siew Dai’ means “less sugar” in Hokkien, the term being widely-recognised by Singaporeans of all walks of life. Alchemy Fibre technology helped to reduce the sugar content from 17.5g in the original Chocolate Chip cookie to almost half in the lower sugar version, while maintaining the same amount of chocolate goodness.

I am not really a sweet toothed person. Not even a bubble tea person, sorry. Call me bland, plain and boring but this cookie changes everything. For a cookie lesser sugar content, the sweetness level is off the scale for me. No matter, I did not feel guilty munching on it because I know there's less sugar.

With advent technological research, and in our quest to have healthier carbs and our 30 by 30 goal, we also have to consider a trade-off with one of the most highly traded commodity in the world - sugar. As such, I am just happy with technology now food in different forms, and one that can be made healthier are in progress. As with tradition, technological advances has it beginnings and give it time, we can be hopeful it would get better. So Alchemy Foodtech, continuing doing what you are doing best and we are hopeful to see the new definition of processed food!