Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fight for Hope at Operation Broken Wing 2016

Held last Saturday at Playscape, Operation Broken Wing is a regional charity event created to allow CrossFitters to engage in social good through fitness. Their purpose is to bring the CrossFit community together for a meaningful cause, raising funds for the forgotten youth. This month, the CrossFit community around the Asia Pacific Region will carry out their own versions of Operation Broken Wing - be it at a Box or via a large-scale event. The community will be coming together to make a difference!

Operation Broken Wing is a fitness charity event organised by Innervate CrossFit with REACH Community Services Society acting as its beneficiary. Designed to raise funds for the youth at risk in Singapore, athletes will have to perform a 15-minute workout called Fight For Hope, where each repetition performed translates to monetary donations from sponsors made to the beneficiary.

Supported by Tote Singapore and powered by National Youth Council with major sportswear brand Under Armour as the main partner, Operation Broken Wing 2016 is looking set to be bigger than the first year with more participants joining in more than before. EPN Singapore was also one of its sponsors and I am happy that I am supporting this not only for wellness, but for youth at risk too! They are the driving force of tomorrow and let's help them make the world a better place!

It was an event full of adrenaline. While participants were doing their best to make the reps count to get their sponsor to donate, there were other fringe activities supporters could to do as a charity challenge like the most burpees in a minute, 2-minute planking, battle rope and many more!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Z3NVOLUTION - The ASUS 3 Series Product Launch 2016

ASUS just launched its latest products! Collectively known as The Asus 3 Series, ASUS features its latest ASUS ZenBook 3, ASUS Transformer 3 Pro and, ASUS ZenWatch 3.

As a consumer, I like variety. Competition in the marketplace in important to stimulate ideas for innovation and ASUS has done it once again for their latest products which will be available for retail 22 October for ZenBook 3 and Transformer 3 Pro and November for Asus ZenWatch 3.

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro
Claim to be the World's Most Versatile PC, the powerful table is designed to ensure unrivalled portability and performance. It is 8.35mm thin, 790g light and crafted from aluminium-magnesium alloy. It is so strong and rigid it protects the tablet from everyday scuffs and scratches. Fine diamond-cut highlighting on the lid adds an extra touch of subtle beauty and luxury.

It has a 37% longer battery compared to a traditional hard drive, and you need not worry about overheating as the revolutionary vapour chamber contains liquid coolant that evaporates into hot vapour when heated. The heated vapour is routed to the cooling fan before reverting back to its liquid form once more. No sweaty hands from holding it too long!

It runs on latest Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 10 and has 16GB RAM. ASUS Transformer 3 Pro comes in full size standard HDMI port, USB 3.0 Type-A port and Micro SD card reader for convenience.

Just for you gamers, its ultimate graphics power can be unleashed by connecting to the external ASUS ROG XG Station 2. The 4K UHD gaming gives you four times as many pixels as full HD. You can immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic gaming experience!

ASUS ZenBook 3
ZenBook 3 is the most prestigious laptop to date with its unprecedented performance. It is lighter, thinner, and way tougher. ZenBook 3 workmanship is taken to a whole new level with its usage of aerospace-grade aluminium which makes it lighter and 50% stronger. It is also covered with 0.4mm of super-strong Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is twice as thin as standard cover glass.

Absolutely fabulous and ideal for those who loves to watch good movie and listen to music with five magnet speaker design with quad speakers array. To give the ZenBook 3 unsurpassed audio capabilities, the ASUS Golden Ear team and audiophile specialists Harman Kardon joined forces to produce the next generation of audio experience. It definitely gives a richer sound experience with louder bass response and lower distortion.

Accessing your ZenBook 3 couldn't be easier or more secure. With the built-in fingerprint sensor in the touchpad and Windows Hello, there's no need to type in your password every time to log in. Just a single touch is all it takes!

The workmanship really has a touch of classiness as the light reflects off its shiny edges!

ASUS ZenWatch 3
If you want something more attached to you, get it on your hand! ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a must to possess. The ZwenWatch 3 is the world's first 3-button designed Android Wear smartwatch for a more intuitive functionality and deliver better user experience.

The highlights of this craftsmanship include customizable top button that gives quick access to your favourite applications or feature in just a second and the best part is that this makes a perfect fitness companion with IP67 water resistance.With ASUS Innovative HyperCharge technology, you just need 15 minutes to charge it and get it going for the day!

Headquartered in Taiwan, ASUS has gone very far since its beginning in 1989 and we are hopeful to see new creations and innovation from ASUS!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Is Not Visible Is Not Invisible

IMAGINE walking into the National Museum of Singapore and being confronted by outdoor environment such as a mound lush grass, or a beach inviting your for a tan? How about unexpectedly having artwork appear in front and around you, or actually being part of the final puzzle piece to an installation? These are among the experiences you will encounter at What Is Visible Is Not Invisible - Featuring selected artworks from the French Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC), the latest contemporary art exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore, and a parallel project of the Singapore Biennale 2016!

What Is not Visible Is not Invisible presents over 30 artworks by French and international artists from FRAC, one of the most important public collection of contemporary art founded in 1982, and anchored by 23 institutions across all the regions in France. The show is curated in collaboration with Platform, the network of FRACs, and marks the first time that this selection of the collected is being presented in Asia Pacific.

The exhibition broadly surveys the imaginary and the temporary, and takes you on an experiential and progressive journey of the mind and sense through the artworks specially selected from FRAC's collection of 26,000 works. Through the use of unconventional approaches in art making, the exhibition of multi-media installation invites new ways of perception and brings you into a new state of mind through personal interpretations of the presentations, its surrounding space, and context.

Its title and design of What is Not Visible is Not Invisible takes inspiration from the artwork of the same title by French artist Julien Discrit, which walks the line between physical and philosophical. At first glance, three infrared lightbulbs are strung from the ceiling in front of an unassuming blank wall. When triggered by the viewer's presence, the bulbs light up to reveal the ultraviolet text on the wall: "What is Not Visible is not Invisible". The work only appears when it is seen, highlighting that to express the invisible, you need to paradoxically have to make it visible.

The artworks in What is Not Visible is Not Invisible are curated to encourage interaction, and to leave room for personal interpretation. Many of the artworks call for you and the environment to play a key role in the artwork and its presentation.

Here are some of the amazing installations that we saw at the preview!

You will be presented the much-celebrated Work No. 262 by British multimedia artist Martin Creed, an installation that engages with the mind and senses as it invites visitors into a space of balloons, to contemplate and respond to the idea of the physical space. You will also will get to see other renowned artwork where FRAC is credited to be the starting platform of many established artists and presents many household artists in its collection such as Gilbert & George, Andy Warhol, and Subodh Gupta whose work will be presented at the National Museum of Singapore's rotunda as part of Singapore Biennale 2016.

Major Tom translates Edith Dekyndt's fascination with the ephemeral and the boundaries of physical reality. The artwork is a large orb that appears visually heavy, but seems to defy gravity and floats freely within the space according to the varying atmospheric conditions - the air circulation, temperature, and your movement. During the course of its movement, the orb draws an imaginary route of a planet or a spacecraft in flight.

In Photomatou by Alain Séchas, 14 posters are created for your to bring home. These posters are adorned with his usual iconic sidekicks - cat motifs that are ever present in his quirky paintings, drawings and sculptures. According to the artist, every visitor will identify with one expression and bring back the poster which most resembles him or her.

Feel the serenity of Blue Sail by Hans Haacke that presents a piece of chiffon seems floating in mid-air and sails from the winds of the oscillating fan placed below it.

You and I, Horizontal by Anthony McCall fascinates you with membranes of lights that shift the spaces within the haze-filled room with membranes of light.

By awed by After DM mural that forms a grid of cuts that evoke the shadow of the Dream Machine's perforations, circular swirls and pulses of the strobe effect.

Freak Star N° 2 by Ann Veronic Janssens, evokes a calming sense of wonder with five beams of light intersect to form an impalpable star.

What is Not Visible Is Not Invisible will be on display starting tomorrow 7 October 2016 to 19 February 2017. The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 7pm, except Thursdays when it opens from 1pm to 7pm. Details on admission and guided tours are available on

Great exhibition for you to pak thor!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Long Happening September Weekend

Happy Saturday!

Just giving a quick update on what went on in my life for the past few weeks!

Just ended training this morning and felt hungry. Eating a lot is my new normal. I had a craving for McDonald's after so long of not having junk food. Do not judge because it is my cheat day since all other days I am all about eating freshly cooked food. Eating healthy is important because you are what you eat. I am not sure if I had ever shared this before from a book I read Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. It says the key to leading a healthier life is to eat food that contains 75% water just as how the Earth and your body contains 75% water. There is more to it which includes the right dietary intake, when and how you should consume certain food. As much as I eat, I always do my best to eat everything in moderation!

My usual eating habit is to ensure I do not eat something too spicy although I adore spicy food, and make it a point to drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. The joy about drinking is that it lubricates my throat so that I can always project my voice when the occasion calls for it! Other than that, drinking lots of water helps a lot with sweating and its benefits are manifold. Of the many, having a supple skin motivates me to drink more! I like drinking plain water but wants variety occasionally. While cordial is not totally bad, you can always consider isotonic like NutriForce Balance Hydration where you can get from EPN Singapore. It is delicious, you get its health benefits from the flavoured powder, and of course, better hydration!

While we are on the topic on nutrition, I have been exploring ways on how to make supplements more than just a drink. I have been reading a lot and just beginning on the simple stuff like making protein pancake using NutriWhey and even amino ice blends. I swear my kitchen skills are not fantastic but it is not terrible either. These kind of experiments take some time though. I will show you soon! My strawberry pancake was just a start. It was delicious and filling by the way, never waste good protein! Thanks to EPN Singapore, I am able to do all these!

By the way, last weekend was crazy, good and bad...

The first great thing that happened last weekend was The Podium Lounge, lounging away on the first night of Singapore GP! Held at luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, it had so much entertainment and that was only for the first night. Heard it picked up for the other two nights! Great line up of artists, amazingly hot aerial performance (I have never been this up close to see an aerial dancer) and not forgetting great company! We got to see all the charity items for bidding on display! If you have that disposable money and if you do not own any one of these, here is how you do good, feel good, and get something great in return. It would be nice to own Pink Floyd's framed up guitar with autographs and have it on your wall, just a little something of statement to show your guests when they visit! Or if you are really in all about the giving without receiving, you could always get it as a gift for a Pink Floyd's die hard fan!

The following morning, I was up for a glitzing event at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I had a gastronomy of wedding delicacies at Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia for a family friend's wedding! We headed to KL in the morning with the rest of the party, had tonnes of food and snacks there before the solemnization! Although I was there only for two nights, I enjoyed everything especially the company and the food. Even ordered in-room dining because I wanted to conserve my energy looking radiant for the reception. Besides, I was there for wedding so I do not see the point of tiring myself by going out.

Held at five-star resort, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, the reception was resplendent and we were entertained by exquisite jazzy live band, celebrity host, as well as a majestic entrance fit for the newly wed! Ultimately, there were no other stars than the two lovebirds whom everyone wants a photo with! The customary menu includes butter rice and favourite ayam masak merah! Indeed a weekend to remember for them and for us to!

We wish you all the happiness in your matrimony!

On the way back to Singapore, I received news that Princeton went missing. My heart sank. I love cats and the trouble is it was not mine to begin with! We hosted Princeton at my home as we were away for the wedding so it was under my family's care. That was not the first time we hosted Princeton so we were actually very surprised on his guts to run out fast and unnoticed. That was very unconventional of him! When we arrived, we had to spend the remaining stretch of our energy looking for that cat around the entire estate. Circulars were put all over and we were grateful that within 48-hours, the cat was finally found. God bless the person who returned the cat. Although it is not mine, I love the cat as much!

I was so busy that weekend I had to miss training. Woopsie! I am all back today on water. I need to resume with my weekday gym routine, just that I have some other backlogs to catch up with!

Here's a funny story - cross my heart.

Recently, I went to a movie premiere with my friend and I thought it would be a great time to catch up and of course, support the movie. When it comes to movies, I am one who avoids finding out details about the director to avoid prejudiced opinion because directors have a certain trait in their movies. Classic example, Tim Burton and his skittish outcast as one of his characters. Only thing is, this movie is not directed by Tim Burton. I only had heard of the director's name. We went to the movie, we thought it was great, nice cinematography and commendable story line. It was when I got home browsing the event hash tags that I realize the direcotr is someone I had met before - this very year. Woops, let's hope the director does not think that I was some sort of a snob when we crossed paths!

At least my opinion was unprejudiced. I really thought it was a great film before knowing who the director really was!

New collaboration coming up and it has got something to do with all the good stuff in your life! It has been a long time since I shopped and I will be back to share all the details with you guys! In the mean time, please support my existing and future collaborations! While it has always been my joy in exploring new products, ideas, services and many more, the true joy is when you too are satisfied and happy with them!

Nevertheless, whatever I feature, it has always been close to my heart, just as yours! Have a wonderful weekend and rest well!