Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Perth 2018 - Day Trip To Fremantle

Word has it that you have not been to Perth if you have not set foot on Fremantle. Is that true?

Fremantle is known for its fresh seafood, fishing port and its rather dark history, just as the weather when I reached Freo (short for Fremantle)

We were not able to schedule a weekend trip due to several reasons. Hence, we had to go on a weekday when the Fremantle Market was not open. If you are in Australia, never expect anything to open every day, or open till late. If anything were to still open at 9pm, consider yourself lucky. Everywhere is pretty much dead after 8pm. This includes Melbourne and Sydney which I had witnessed.

It was rainy that day. The weather was erratic, it would rain for a few minutes, then stop for another and the cycle goes on. I should have known the weather better and brought a poncho like I always did for other trips. Perhaps, it was the universe of singing 'Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in!'

However, I was not in the mood to feel the rain on my skin because the weather was already cold, and I was suited up for a surprise that I have arranged personally. Getting wet was not an option.

We first went to the Fremantle Prison Museum. Because of the rain, we had to run from the station to Fremantle which is a stone's throw away.

Fremantle Museum has a wide range of activities, ranging from a normal 'prison' tour which cost AUD$22, to as extreme as its tunnel tour, where it involves going through dry sections of the tunnels on foot, before boarding replica convict punts to explore the submerged passageways accessible only by boat. The full package could be as expensive as AUD$200 and given the conditions of the 'historical' prison, it would be very bizarre to pay that much to enter a prison.

Convicts go to prison for free, why would anybody pay that much?

However, there are free sections that you could visit and find out more about Australian history. Although if you had analyzed it properly, some of them seem fabricated.

We also dropped by WA Shipwrecks Museum. Entrance is free while they accept donations to maintain their museum. It was not exactly a big museum, but there were a few astonishing a artefacts like the original stern of Batavia shipwreck which carried an archway that was supposed to be shipped over to Jakarta, Indonesia by the Dutch.

Finally, we went to Kaili's because that's where many would go to try the best of Fremantle's seafood! Everything there was fresh and tasted so good that when I got back, it felt like I would not eat seafood here anymore. It took me quite a while to go back to eating seafood here!

Then later on that day, one of my relatives joined us for dinner. Thank you so much for the churros treat! God bless! Our day ended taking one of the last buses back to Perth city, enjoying the long ride and city lights. Till then! Busy week ahead. 😁

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Perth 2018 - Exploring Mandurah Waters

It was a mistake to just make a day trip to Mandurah. I should have stayed at least for one night! Mandurah, located at the Peel region is known for its stunning sea sceneries, dolphin watching, and many other sea activities. Going on a tour around Mandurah waters on our own boat was just one the few things we did.

On our way to Mandurah, we dropped by Bunnings. With a tagline Lower Prices Are Just The Beginning, we went crazy over the myriad of DIY equipments and products available. It would be a cardinal sin to not buy something there! We bought an automated hose, water sprinkler system and a deluxe king's throne camping chair since we will be having a picnic soon. Extra luggage weight became secondary for a while and the main concern was how do we fit everything in the car?

We then headed to Mandurah boardwalk and explored Mandurah waters. The weather was delightful. It was cold despite the sun which makes dressing up and putting on sunblock a breeze because you did not have to sweat.

Hopeful to explore more of Mandurah in the future. Next time, I will probably spend a day or two exploring other parts of beautiful Mandurah! I am supposing this was just a preview trip. πŸ˜„

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Perth 2018 - Swan Valley

One of the many places that you must go when you are in Perth is Swan Valley. If you do not have a car, there are alternatives to choose from like taking a shuttle bus or even cycling. You will have to check it out!

As for us, we were lucky to have a car for the day because Swan Valley is massive, and there are many places to go to. Known for its vineyard, olive farms, and chocolatiers, it is an amazing place for you to explore and guaranteed you will be spoilt for choice. Many places to eat with a picturesque backdrop of nature!

The first place we went was Kafarela's vineyard. They are known for its non-alcoholic grape juice and they have a wide variety of grape juices. No one red grape is the same depending on where it was grown. Unfortunately, we came at an inopportune time as it was not the harvest season yet. The trip did no go to waste as we were taught how the grapes were harvested. On the upside, there was a part of it that was lined with cherry blossom. (I think?)

On the same day, we went to the House of Honey to get a taste of Australian honey. I personally love honey. I put them in my coffee, tea or make a cup of honey lemon mix. It makes a great thirst quencher. Remember, if you are making a honey drink, avoid using hot boiling water because it may destroy the essential vitamins in it.

The House of Honey was crowded that day with a busload of tourist. Everything at the tasting counter was pretty much a mess and of course, photo taking became really complicated and challenging! It came to a no surprise because it was a weekend anyway. All the staff were too busy to entertain everyone. Luckily, there was a cashier who helped us with our choices! I got myself a honeycomb that can be eaten on its own like a candy.

If you are at the House of Honey, pick something that has a lab tested rating. They have a rating that reflects that honey medicinal properties and could help cancer patients or remedy common illnesses like a cough or flu. Unfortunately, House of Honey has got no farm nearby, of course, due to safety issues like bees flying around while you shop! However, there is a display of live bees contained in an acrylic display for you to see! Just do not attempt to break it!

Then after we went to The Margaret River Chocolate Co. According to TripAdvisor that was the it place to go, but I was not feeling it. We looked around and nothing appealed us. We left and drove further up to Mondo Nougat and Morish Nuts.

It was not crowded, I am supposing they are not popular amongst tourist but, they give a certain local vibe - not the kind of over imported nougat we tend to buy at the groceries. They are still as Australian as other brands but trying out Mondo Nougat and Morish Nuts did not disappoint! If I had wanted to go to a crowded store, I would have gone to one in my backyard. I bought the soft nougat at Mondo Nougat because I do not want to hurt my jaw! They are way softer than Golden Boronia's soft nougat. At Morish Nuts, you could sample the flavoured nuts before buying. You will not get enough!

A day well spent at Swan Valley. Shops in Australia generally close early. We went back to the city after and had dinner at Ihsan. The cold weather made me want to eat something soupy!

More about my trip soon! Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Perth 2018

Hi everyone!

I am so glad to be back! I was in Perth for a short vacation and am very grateful I had a great time enjoying the Perth city life, and exploring the places and importantly feeding the kangaroos, on top of having a photo opportunity with the koala and wombat!

I was in Australia in 2016 and there were a few things that did not go as planned! This was probably to recompense all the annoying things that happened in 2016 like car rental booking gone wrong, Blue Mountain tour that cancelled on the eleventh hour and many more. No matter, there were also many amazing memories like the campfire and glamping to remember by!

This trip was booked two weeks before my departure. Hence, there was so many last minute research I had to do. Luckily, there were real friends and family to show us around and stayed throughout the trip. These are the amazing people and I am hopeful the universe treat you as good!

Many times when I told my friends that I was going to Perth for a vacation, many asked, what is there to do? I will be back again to share with you my experience and some pictures (I hope you love it!). Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you if you are going there in the future!

Granted, Australia is absolutely mediocre when it comes to shopping. Their malls open late and close early. Good enough if there is one eatery nearby that is open till late. I spent a day shopping and I was done for the day.

I am not one who is that picky when it comes to food but there, food seems to taste better I think? It took me quite some time to stomach the food here back home. Yes, my kitchen is closed until further notice because I am too tired to cook. Till now I could not find fish and chips that taste as good as the one in Fremantle. I am a little dramatically worried now. Wondering if I am going to ever eat fish here again?

I will be taking a good rest for the next few days. I need a break, catch up on my sleep, clear my luggage and bring out all the souvenirs and untag everything. Who knew there would be so much work to be done when it comes to unpacking!

Till then, have a great week! πŸŽ‰