Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ralph Lauren Home New Collections and Polo Ralph Lauren F/W 2015 Launch

Whether inspired by by a runway story or a narrative all its own, their home collection demonstrates the depth of Ralph Lauren's design philosophy.

With a focus on authenticity and quality, they produce unique pieces that are as true to form as the pieces are to function, reflecting a refined sense of luxury and character that only improves with time.

Dedicated to the finest materials and an unmatched attention to detail, Ralph Lauren Home captures the essence of artisanal luxury with authentic Ralph Lauren style.

"I design for the home the way I design for a man or a woman, with the same attention to detail and the same eye for what is beautiful and unique." - Ralph Lauren

"If you want greatness, you have to put the time into greatness.You can't have greatness overnight
and you can't have greatness just because you snap your fingers." - Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Home Collections can be found at,

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
+65 6509 0555

It's a bright new world grounded in the Polo tradition of all-American sophistication.

This season in the fall winter 2015 collection, Ralph Lauren features hardworking cargoes, plaid work shirts, and performance-driven outerwear that are made for brotherhood of men who never know where their exploration journey might take them.

"I believe in style, not fashion. One day I can be dressed in jeans, the next in a suit and tie." - Ralph Lauren

Visit Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in Singapore at,

1 Scotts Road
#01-01/02/03 & #02-02/03
Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
+65 6735 2438

Monday, October 5, 2015

Suitsupply F/W 2015 Launch

Dropped by Suitsupply for the launch of their latest fall winter collection. Did not disappoint while it maintain its quality of fine suits for men. Specializes in turning an average Joe into a million dollar look, Suitsupply remains to be one of the upmarket retailers of men's apparel, featuring on-trend suits, separates, footwear and accessories.

This is simply coincidental but I guess I am unconsciously attracted to Suitsupply's scarf? I remember vividly of a photo of myself with a scarf on the day of its opening. Haha!

Crossed path with some friends from the media and we met again!

Suitsupply’s latest fall winter collection combines the wintertime mainstays of refined fabrics and an impeccable construction.

The collection is build up of luxurious layers, cashmere knitwear combined with rich checked suits in 70’s inspired fabrics. It is reflecting the use of designs of the checks, prints, and the boucle used in a subtle way.

The Inspiration is taken from the iconic subcultures of the late 60’s and early ‘70s: everything from iconic photo’s of the Pirelli Calendars to the movies of Russ Meyer. This cool yet sultry atmosphere sets the tone for a collection of sumptuous luxury: cashmere, baby camel, alpaca, and soft tweeds, designed and developed by Suitsupply in collaboration with the finest fabric mills in Ireland and Italy.

Trousers are becoming slightly wider with the introduction of a double pleated model and self-edge chinos in a more relaxed fit. Also the safari suit is a new edition to this collection made in soft tweed herringbones combined with camel hair coats.

The palette for this season, too, draws from the continental spectrum of this era, pairing the same fabrics with warm tones of navy, plum, amber, and forest green. Clothing that effect a commanding presence, from the overcast streets of England to the intimate nightclubs of Paris.

And as always, it’s all accompanied by a tasteful and well-crafted array of evergreen staples, with shoes, bags, and accessories, creating the ideal cold-weather suit of armor—shielded against the elements, but layered enough to shed, when the temperature inside warms back up.

2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nightwish in Singapore! - Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015-2016

For the very first time in Singapore, Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish will perform a one-night-only show at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa as part of their Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015-2016.

This is also the only show in Southeast Asia after Australia leg!

Nightwish is a symphonic power metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. The band soon picked up drummer Jukka Nevalainen, and then bassist Sami Vänskä after the release of its debut album, Angels Fall First (1997). In 2002, Vänskä was replaced by Marco Hietala, who also took over the male vocalist role previously filled by Holopainen and guest singers.

Although Nightwish have been prominent in their home country since Angels Fall First, they did not achieve worldwide fame until the release of the albums Oceanborn (1998), Wishmaster (2000) and Century Child (2002). Their 2004 album, Once, has sold more than one million copies and was the band's breakthrough in the United States. Their biggest US hit single, “Wish I Had An Angel” (2004), received MTV airplay and was included on three US film soundtracks to promote their North American tour. The band produced three more singles and two music videos for Once, as well as a re-recording of “Sleeping Sun” for the “best of” compilation album, Highest Hopes (2005).

In September 2007, the band released their sixth album, Dark Passion Play, which sold almost 2 million copies. The album's lead single, "Amaranth", became one of Nightwish's most successful in Europe. The band released an EP/live album, Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places), in March 2009 as a CD/DVD, and their seventh studio album, Imaginaerum, was released globally on various days in late 2011/early 2012.

On October 1, 2012, Nightwish announced that they had parted ways with Olzon and would be finishing the current tour with ReVamp and former After Forever vocalist Floor Jansen. In October 2013, Nightwish made Jansen and longtime session uillean pipes player Troy Donockley permanent members of the band making Nightwish official a sextet.

Nightwish has released eight full-length studio albums with Endless Forms Most Beautiful being the latest released in early 2015. Nightwish is the most successful Finnish band worldwide, selling more than 8 million records and receiving more than sixty gold and platinum awards, having released five number one albums and thirteen number one singles

Date: Monday, 18th January 2016
Venue: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa
Showtime: 8.00pm
Doors Open: 7.00pm
Ticketing information is available here.

SISTIC's overseas authorized agent:
Malaysia (counters only)

Indonesia (online and counters)
KiOSTiX @ Cibubur Junction
KiOSTiX @ fX Sudirman
KiOSTiX @ Lippo Mall Puri
KiOSTiX @ Mal Artha Gading
KiOSTiX @ Mall Alam Sutera

Click here for online booking in Indonesia.
Hotline: +6221-717-93750

Ticket Prices:
Pre-sale and VIP tickets are sold out.
Standard: S$108
At Door: S$128
All prices exclusive SISTIC ticketing fees. All tickets are free standing

Proudly presented by Impact Live, and supported by Embassy of Finland, Singapore. See you there!

Friday, October 2, 2015

MÜHLE's 70th Anniversary Product Launch

It's Friday! With fresh bed sheet, vacuumed carpet, warm shower and fresh laundry, I am feeling a little more energized now. I spent the entire afternoon in the gym today because I missed training last night. I don't usually miss trainings but I had to attend four events last night, which pretty much sums up my entire day of mall hopping. I am particularly amazed by the debonair designs shown at MÜHLE's 70th anniversary event last night.

I was a little late than usual because I had a lot of things to settle at home. I literally had to prance through dressing up and made my way there. Luckily, I managed to catch my breath while on my way up the escalator! I can't be late you see. The events are back to back so being late for one will make me late for the other. Okay, enough of ranting. Here's the good news.

A huge congratulations to MÜHLE for celebrating its 70th anniversary here in Singapore with a live pop-up shaving station and its latest product line!

MÜHLE is a luxurious gentleman's grooming brand, equipping noble men with high quality and carefully handcrafted products made in Stützengrün, Gemany since 1945. We couldn't be more grateful that the third generation owners: Christian and Andreas Müller, were here last night with us! It is really inspiring to see them especially with their interdependent role in the business. It is important to know to differentiate between what's business and what's personal. Both are involved in the business development of MÜHLE and work towards growing the family business into the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving.

The 70th anniversary product launch was spiced up with live demonstration by renowned senior barber, Justin Howley, who owns Westons Barbershop & Shave Parlour. Based in Perth, Justin personally uses MÜHLE shaving brushes and shared with us techniques and tips to achieving a pampering shaving ritual. The educational demonstration showed us a step by step guide, that must not be missed for a comfortable and close shave. I am more enlightened about shaving products now.

Who's with me on this, finding the right shaving gel or razor is not as easy as it seems!

How to shave is easy. You just need to prime your skin, make sure the hair is moist and soft, apply a shaving cream, and start shaving. After which, you can choose to apply a moisturiser or an after shave to sooth the skin. The hard part is to find the right product as some products can cause redness or chemical burns and it does not look good if you are in a rush. MÜHLE has, in a way come to my rescue for my shaving woes. Their shaving products are available in organic and their usual shave care are 99 percent made from vegetable, beeswax and mineral components. Natural and organic products are most of the time gentle on the skin!

The product range is varied with an assortment of style that suits your personality. Shaver handles ranging from carbon, Chinese lacquer to thuja wood grain are made in such a way that you can choose at time of purchase if you would like to use safety razor system, or Gilette's. For me, I am loving how MÜHLE shaver handle feels on my hand and I like the option of being able to choose if I want to go traditional or modern when it comes to shaving system. Its weight gives a more lavish feel and enough pressure on the skin without you having to press too hard.

At the anniversary event, MÜHLE launched its exclusive 70th anniversary edition shaving set, aptly called The Anniversary Set, inspired by a traditional design. It will also introduce three new designs to its MÜHLE Edition, Modern and Traditional Collection each.

There will also be a showcase of MÜHLE’s rich heritage of products and manufacturing tools dating back to 1945 till 6th October 2015. Walk through the evolution of wet shaving culture, from shaving tools used in the past to the modern state of the art shaving razors and accessories that combine artisan handcraft, precision engineering, and design innovation.

I would like to thank MÜHLE for such a chic shaver that reflects me, and an alleviating organic shower gel! I am now using the MÜHLE R89 Twist novelty shaver. Need to order new razors now!

MÜHLE does not limit itself to just shaving products. They also have a collection of premium skincare products.

The Organic care series shower gel has light consistency and fine lather, with a refreshing and nurturing effect. It contains argan oil which is particularly rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, vegetable glycerine, and wheat protein that have nurturing and hygroscopic effect which is very useful in humid countries like Singapore. Essential oils are added to provide a fine, fresh fragrance. The shower gel contains no synthetic aromatic substances or colourants. Our skin the largest organ of our body and it is key to invest on such healthy products for our skin!

There are so many products in the market and I can't be any more grateful for MÜHLE. I am particularly looking at MÜHLE Sophist R42F which is made of genuine buffalo horn which has been used to make useful or decorative ornament since ancient times. The natural material has been selected meticulously and and processed with great care. Only solid horn tips are used for the handles of shaving brushes and razors. They are very finely ground several times and finally polished to a high-gloss finish. The gentle, yellow to ochre colouring makes the surface of the blonde horn appear very warm. The graining of the work pieces shimmers from white to brown and dark brown, lending each product its own individual character.

The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre.

The razor head adopts the latest shaving system from Gillette. It embraces five blades positioned one above the other as well as a precision edging blade located on the back of the cartridge. This design ensures a very close and gentle shave. Its simple and safe handling is ideal even for newcomers. Dope! So we'll see, I have yet to maximize the utility of my new novelty chrome shaver but I am definitely keeping MÜHLE in mind when it comes to my shaving needs, and birthday gifts!

MÜHLE products are available at:

Takashimaya Departmental Store
Level 3, Men's Department
Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road
Singapore 238873


Jermyn Street Barber Shop
108 Amoy Street
Singapore 069928

Alternatively, you can admire and purchase MÜHLE products here. The best part, they offer international shipping too!

Thank you MÜHLE and Real Effects for inviting me to your anniversary product launch!

So here's an embarrassing story - I was having my photographs taken against the photo wall propped with the shaver set on the barber chair (see the first photo). Because I was too used to the weight of my shaver, I forgot how relatively heavy it was. Guess what, I dropped it. Twice. In front of the Müllers. I was ridiculously embarrassed at first but it wasn't long for me to get over it after realizing that it didn't break - like even after the second drop. So, if you are still doubting German's quality of durability, save your faces. I dropped an expensive shaver twice in front of the crowd! Not on purpose of course!

Have a good laugh. Na'mastay in bed. Good night!

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Music Companion - Marco Marcus

I love listening to different kinds of music. So much so that I allow people to introduce me to new songs. Not sure about you guys, I have seen people who are too fixated with their own inclination to a particular genre they don't even want to listen to what you have to recommend which I find it weird.

Recently, I went to a party and met an artist from Warner Music Indonesia, Marco Marcus. He was really nice and I was so flattered to be presented by his self-titled debut album. It was really heart warming as I do not expect gifts from anyone. When a singer personally gives you his or her album, they are presenting you with their hard work for your entertainment!

So, thank you Marco Marcus for this beautiful album, the gift of your masterpieces! I am particularly in love with the empowering songs that kept me awake throughout my revision nights! It is something refreshing which I come to appreciate!

His songs are available on iTunes here. Check it out!

I believe, that there must be a way right here.
I believe, there lies the power inside of me,
I believe, there is a hope for you and me,
When you listen, to the voice inside of you